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How to motivate employees

Motivation employees

Man in pakAll successful businesses are like efficiently running machines; they offer the best output. Just like how a well-maintained engine is to a great machine, so are happy employees to a successful business. Keeping your employees happy is dependent on a variety of factors, with motivation being very high on the list. Forbes magazine recently posted that some of the best performing businesses globally had very highly motivated employees. So, how do you get to motivate you employees?


The first most important step in motivating your employees is leading by example. Being a good role model and showing passion in your work is very helpful in inspiring those that you lead, especially the younger ones. Pairing this with effective communication in the workplace helps you create a rapport with your employees making you understand them better. You get to know their needs and passions, which enables you to effectively place them in their right departments. If an employee is comfortable at their place of work, they get motivated to work better. Additionally, regularly refer to them by their names and pinpoint their personality. Making them feel special and appreciated is surely a good source of motivation.


Secondly, be a source of vision and support to your employees. Share your foresight for the company with them and offer direct leadership so that they get to do their jobs effectively. Additionally, be a good listener and let them share ideas on ways to make the company better; this makes them grow and feel as part of the business. Don't forget that your employees are human just like you. They may fear making mistakes, so constantly give them words of encouragement to boost their morale. Statements like, " I was once in your shoes as well" or " Don't worry, I am certain you will do even better next time!" are a very good source of motivation. Show them that you are just a human too and make sure that they know you believe in them.


The other important step is being kind and empowering your employees. You might be their boss, but that doesn't mean you should mistreat them. Kindness is a great source of respect, a better motivator than fear. Give your employees time to be creative when working on projects and occasionally ask them what they need to feel comfortable. If their requests are doable, make it happen. That small element of fun in the workplace is sure to increase their productivity levels.


You should also regularly monitor your employees' progress and offer them rewards for good results. This not only motivates them to continue with the positive work, it also encourages them to do better. Other than that, also help them to establish their career goals. Besides showing that you care, this also provides you with an avenue to help them grow and perfect their skills. Once your employees realize that you have their futures in mind, their level of loyalty and motivation steadily grows.


Last but not least, always let your employees be in the know. Informing them of what is on your mind or the decisions that you're looking to make builds a strong foundation of trust, which is a key motivator. Apart from the confidential info, make an effort to communicate other important issues openly and clearly with them.


So, in conclusion, motivation is a key factor in running a business. Not only should you learn to motivate your employees, you should also strive to maintain this motivation to ensure maximum production. Therefore, don't wait, follow these simple steps and get the best out of your employees and your business.

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