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How to make others feel important

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ChampionYou feel importantOne thing that has remained constant since the beginning of time is the need of people to seek other people in their quest for survival and growth; it is engrained in our biochemistry and neural pathways. You’ll have to interact with others one time or the other during your daily routine, so knowing how to relate with them is very crucial. Specifically learning how to make others feel important could go a long way in influencing their lives, making them reach their true potentials. This, however, is a skill that needs to be perfected with time. Below are some tips that could help you eventually become an expert at making others feel important.



A.) Learn to pay attention

Paying attention is an area that often proves to be difficult for many people. Most of us are just not good at listening when it is needed the most. We lose focus and tend to let our minds wander during a conversation, leaving the other person feeling dejected and unimportant.

If you want to make someone feel important, learn to be a good listener. Whether it’s an employee, your colleague, a friend or family member, always be the person who they feel they can talk to.

We’re all human, so once in a while we need an attentive ear to let our emotions out and feel more comfortable. If you could be that source of comfort to a person who needs it, they’ll feel really special and appreciated. This not only raises their mood, it also motivates them to continue living life positively and striving for success.



B.) Compliment and Congratulate

Even if they don’t show it openly, most people want to be told how unique and special they are. Yes, it might sound a bit selfish, but it is embedded in our biochemistry.

Being good at giving compliments is key to making others feel important. Everybody tries so hard to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, by acknowledging any positive changes that they’ve made, whether major or minor, you play a big part in building their confidence. Confidence is a good source of motivation.

Additionally, showing appreciation for any good word or deed makes people really feel good about themselves. Simple phrases like “Thank you” or “You’re the best” are sure to do the trick. In short, appreciation and complements go a long way in making others feel important about themselves.



C.) At all times, be courteous and considerate

Being disciplined enough to realize what other people hold dear and respecting it is a sure way of making others feel important.

It is rather obvious that you don’t always like or agree with what other people around you say or do. However, that shouldn’t be any reason to dismiss them easily when they have an idea or laugh at their actions.

Know that we’re all different, and what you find dumb might just be what makes someone else’s day. It’s okay to have an opinion, but be kind enough to keep it yourself if you know it will hurt the person. In fact, be considerate enough to show at least a little interest.

When you respect another person, they feel valued and important. Furthermore, the courtesy you show them is sure to be repaid in kind.



D.) Be a good converser; with both words and your body

What does that mean? Learn to listen. Apart from being a good a listener, you should also work on how to hold meaningful conversations with other people. How you talk and handle yourself greatly determines what path each conversation you have may end up taking.

The first thing you need to do before approaching anyone is smile. As simple as this gesture may seem, it’s a very polite way of showing a person that you recognize their presence and appreciate it. This in turn puts them at ease and makes them willing to have a conversation with you. Not everyone may be as brave as you, so learn to use this tactic to prevent people from feeling awkward when you’re talking to them, especially if they’re new.

The second trick to being a good converser is striving to be more agreeable. People hate argumentative and complaining personalities since they have a negative effect on their self-esteems. Therefore it is better to be more considerate and positive. If you don’t agree to a notion, find a polite way to air your concern. If someone sees that you’re willing to share in their line of thought, it gives them a feeling of importance. With this feeling, they’re motivated to grow more confident.

The icing on the cake is mastering the art of positive criticism. Most times you may feel the urge to negatively criticize or condemn a person if you feel their work is not up to your standards, especially in a business setting. This takes a major toll on their confidence, and it could leave them feeling unworthy and betrayed. So, learn how to help others recover from their mistakes. Don’t lash out at them. Instead, offer words of encouragement like, “You’ll do better next time” or “It’s not the end of life”. Such words are a very good source of motivation and they’re sure to make one feel more important.

Last but not least, learn to use people’s names when saying “Hi” or talking to them. It does sound simple, but it surely works. Our names are one of the most important words in our vocabulary. People tend to attach great value to it, as simple as it might seem.



E.) Interact with everybody

When people are excluded from social interaction, they lose self-esteem and eventually feel less important than everybody else. Therefore, it should be your goal to make sure everyone around you doesn’t feel out of place. Even if you don’t particularly like or know a person very well, be kind enough to let them join in on the fun. You should always be the “bigger person”.


One thing is for sure, the feeling of importance goes hand in hand with motivation. Everybody deserves a chance in life. If you’re lucky enough to be happy and content with yourself, be the one to bring that into someone else’s life. It’s the best thing you could for them. You never know, you may just be the one who needs the motivation next time!

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