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Lately so-called ‘superfoods’ have become very popular. Why have these foods suddenly become this popular, and are they really that good? In this article we will go over both the pros and cons of these superfoods, in order to determine whether they are really worth the costs.



The benefits of superfoods

Concentrated amount of nutrients

For our body to properly perform we need certain nutrients to be present in our diet. Some of these are vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Superfoods are considered to be dense in the amount of nutrients they contain. Because of this, only a small amount has to be consumed to achieve its health benefits.



Superfoods often contain relatively large amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that remove so-called ‘free radicals’ from the body. It is claimed that in some cases this can have extensive benefits to ones health.



Superfoods are often grown at an organic farm. This makes sure no chemical substances are used during the growing process, reducing the risk of exposure to possibly dangerous chemicals. Often these farms have fairer payments to the workers, which makes organic farms more ethical.



The negative aspects of superfoods


Superfoods are often quite expensive. They are sold in relatively small amounts, therefore increasing their price when consumed regularly. To get the most out of the benefits, relatively large amounts have to be consumed over a large period of time. Because it has to be consumed regularly the costs can add up pretty quick, making it a less optimal choice of food.



Superfoods have been hyped up by the marketing industry. Extraordinary claims have been made regarding the benefits of superfoods. Because of this these superfoods have gained a reputation of being very beneficial, whilst not all these foods are able to live up against their expectations. Some ‘regular’ foods contain close to the same amount of nutrients, so the amount of nutrients in superfoods isn’t actually that exceptionally high.


Not that amazing

Like mentioned above, compared to some alternative ‘regular’ foods, superfoods don’t contain such a high amount of nutrients as claimed by the companies selling these superfoods. Vegetables like spinach and watercress are very popular, and contain very high amounts of nutrients. These ‘regular’ foods are about as nutrient-dense as these ‘superfoods’ and have been around for a very long time. These vegetables are far cheaper than the superfoods as well.


Insufficient research

As the ‘superfoods’ are relatively new, there hasn’t been much research conducted on them yet. It is not sure whether these foods are really that beneficial. Besides, some people claim that they are having side effects from these foods.



As can been concluded from above there are a lot of benefits to some of the superfoods. Currently there are a lot of less popular foods that have about the same amount of nutrients in them for a far lower price. So it can be said that superfoods are healthy, but that cheaper alternatives are recommended due to their price.

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