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Drinking water

Spoon with waterWater is no doubt vital for life; no one can dispute the importance of this natural resource. As a matter of fact water is closely related to living, without it we can’t exist. Most people prefer other drinks to quench their thirst, but water can hydrate the body most efficiently. Other beverages like soda are only complements and can never replace water. On the contrary, some of these other beverages can actually dehydrate the body. Before we judge this colorless liquid, let us look at its pros and cons together:



The benefits of water

The main constituent of the body

About 70% the human body is made of nothing but water. Biologists have gone ahead to prove that every part of the human body consists a greater percentage of water than any other element. Thus to maintain the body at its best, an intake of water is necessary.


Managing weight

When it comes to managing weight and keeping fit, nutritionists recommend an optimal intake of water. And even though it has no direct impact on the fat banning process, water contains no calories. When substituting soda with water, a lot of calories can be avoided in the course of the day. People that are trying to lose weight are actually advised to take foods with high water content, since these are often low in calories.



Everyone wants to look good; nobody wants those wrinkles on their skin. A dry wrinkled skin is a sign of dehydration. To curb these, take a couple of glasses of the good old H2O. With the right amount of water (8 glasses a day is recommended) you can keep your skin young and shinny for longer.


Body energy

Lack of water in the body can result in fatigue; nutritionists tell us, for energy to be produced water needs to be available. Digestion as a process entails production, transportation and excretion; all these require water to properly function.


Body transportation

The human body is one big system that is made of multiple organs that are interlinked. Different elements are produced at various stations and have to be taken to where they are needed. For instance, glucose digested in the stomach needs to get to tissues all over the body. Other elements include hormones and enzymes.


Internal cleansing

Just like the sewerage system uses water to dispose waste, so does the body. Some of these wastes are actually toxins, which results to medical conditions if not expelled on time. Drinking enough water can help reduce such kind of illnesses drastically.



Besides having many benefits, water also has it draws

Frequent urination

Drinking too much water can cause frequent urinating and even bed wetting for young kids. It’s however not the main reason why children wet their bed.


Excessive sweating

Another disadvantage of drinking a lot of water is sweating a lot. While this may seem normal to some people, to others, excessive sweating is very irritating.


Low salt levels

Some scientists also believe that taking in a lot of water can result to low salt levels. This they explain can cause low pH and can affect the normal body functioning.


Having looked at the advantages and disadvantages of water, you will see that the benefits of water are far greater than the potentially negative effects of water. Water actually beats all other drinks when looking at health. For one who wishes to maintain a healthy body, water remains the better option, if not the best.

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