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Soda, also referred to as pop, is a sugary and carbonated soft drink that is consumed by billions world over for the purposes of refreshment. It does have a few benefits but as shall be seen below it has way too many health dangers.


The pros of drinking soda are:

Plenty of Caffeine

Caffeine is a natural stimulant additive that can be found in quite a number of different sodas. It makes one to feel alert and energized especially during moments of fatigue. It therefore helps in boosting performances when you are tired.


Refreshing Feeling

Soda has the effect of revitalizing and reinvigorating the human body cells, especially during moments of extreme fatigue and exhaustion. This has the impact of rekindling a person’s body, thus giving him a new lease of life to undertake his chores and duties.


Relief from Stomach Upsets

Soda has the capability of relieving certain stomach problems such as nausea and indigestion – a fact that has been extensively studied and recorded in the “European Journal of Gastroenterology and Herpetology” in 2002.


Reduction of Constipation

Constipation is a medical condition that is characterized by difficulty in emptying the bowels that is subsequently accompanied by the release of hardened feces, bloating, painful bowel movements and gas. According study conducted and published in “European Journal of Gastroenterology and Herpetology” (2002), soda can, owing to the fact that it has plenty of carbon dissolved in it, aid in treating constipation.



Hydration refers to the process of supplying the body with water in order to maintain or restore the normal balance of bodily fluids. Owing to the fact that soda consists mainly of water, it helps a great deal in hydrating the human body.



Some sodas, like sport drinks, contain salts needed in the human body. When sweating for a sustained period of time your electrolytes can run out, sport drinks can replenish these electrolytes.


The cons of drinking soda are:

Empty Calories 

Soda has plenty of empty calories. It has almost no nutritional value and also makes it quite difficult to derive healthy nutrients from other healthier foods.


Increased chance of Obesity

Due to the fact that soda has a high amount of sugar, and therefore calories, regular consumption can lead to an increased chance of obesity. This is according to a study published in “The International Journal of Obesity.”


Increased chance of Type II Diabetes

According to the research findings of the American Diabetes Association, regular consumption of soda does result in a 26% chance of Type II Diabetes. That is due to the fact that soda had high levels of fructose corn syrup, which raises glucose levels when ingested in the body. This increase in glucose levels increases the chance of Type II Diabetes.


High Blood Pressure

Due to the fact that soda has plenty of glucose and fructose, regular consumption has the impact of increasing the blood pressure, which ultimately leads to Hypertension.


Vulnerability to Asthma

Research findings of “National Institute of Health” allege that excessive drinking of soda can accelerate asthma development.


Vulnerability to Pancreatic Cancer

Soda does increase the level of blood sugar, which in turn can lead to pancreatic cancer, especially in women.


As can be seen from the aforementioned qualities of soda, the negative aspects of drinking soda far outweigh the benefits of doing so. It is therefore advised to consume healthier drinks, such as water, in order to avoid these problems.

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