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Bodyweight & Calories

Essentially, good health is a major contributing factor when it comes to living a long, quality life. Not only does your body need to be kept clean and free from any form of toxins, it also requires just the right amount of calories to run properly. Known to few, calories play a very important role in regulating normal body-weight, a rising concern for many nations worldwide. This article will thus endeavour to teach you all you need to know about calories, and how you can manipulate them to maintain a healthy body-weight.


Calories can be clearly defined as the total amount of food energy in a meal or beverage. As you may have known by now, there are various food categories, ranging from carbohydrates to proteins, and they all contain different amounts of calories. From their definition, it is clear that calories have to be converted into energy for them to be effective in the body. The rate of conversion varies among individuals depending on three main factors; lifestyle, age and diet.


Maintaining a healthy body-weight could require one to either gain or lose weight. Although the former is less famous than the latter, it does occur and it should be treated with the same level of seriousness. As aforementioned, your activities play a major role in determining your level of calorie intake. Athletes, for instance, would require a higher calorie intake as compared to an office worker since their activities are more intense. Age is also another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Young children and adolescents would require a higher calorie intake as compared to older individuals since they obviously require more energy for growth. Now, the main question is, what calorie intake is essential for you to maintain a healthy body-weight?


If you are an overweight individual, it is obvious that you need to reduce your calorie intake to achieve a normal body-weight. There are 5 steps that are sure to send you on the right path to weight loss. Firstly, you need to consume more proteins in your diet. Studies have shown that consuming more proteins can reduce your body’s cravings by up to 60%. Furthermore, it is known that proteins require more energy to metabolize, which would sequentially force your body to burn up more calories. In short, this is a delicious way of reducing your body weight back to normal.


The next step is avoiding both refined carbohydrates and sugary soft drinks. Both of these have been notorious causes of obesity over the past decade. Increased intake of sugar in the body not only increases your weight, it also predisposes you to dangerous diseases such as diabetes. It is far much healthier for you to substitute water for sugary soft drinks. This is because water has been shown to increase the rate of burning up calories for up to an hour and a half each day. Mathematically speaking, drinking about 8 glasses of water each day can burn up to 96 calories! This should be complemented by a low-carb diet, which not only makes you full, it also bears numerous health benefits and doesn’t cause weight gain.


Last in this category is the incorporation of more exercise into your daily routine. Cardio-exercises and weight lifting are very healthy for you since the both maintain your body’s normal metabolic rate and prevent any form of muscle loss. This is essential for you maintaining a healthy body-weight.


Weight-gain, on the other hand, requires you to add more muscle and little or no fat. Research has shown that men who are looking to add weight should consume averagely an added 250 calories each day, while their female should increase their daily intake by 125 calories. Increased protein intake is also important for you since it builds and repairs worn out tissues. Furthermore, just like those looking to lose, you should avoid sugary foods and drinks so as to prevent fat build-up.


In conclusion, it is important to adjust your body-weight so that you get to live a healthier, happier life. Calculating your B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) is equally important since it helps you know if your body-weight is healthy or not. Visiting a doctor is also advisable so that you get to know what foods to eat to maintain a healthy calorie intake. I however hope the steps listed above will be helpful in your journey to attain a healthy body-weight.

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