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Healthy habits

Brooklyn BridgeAristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” To a great degree our daily lives, and consequently our entire lives, are shaped by our habits. Therefore getting a grasp on your habits can be very beneficial. When you master your habits, you master your life.


We can distinguish two types of habits; constructive habits and destructive habits.

Constructive habits are habits that are positive and make you a better person; they aid you in different ways, e.g. reading, eating healthy.

Destructive habits are habits that have a negative impact either on you or on the people near to you, e.g. smoking, eating unhealthy.


In order to improve your habits it is important to reduce the amount of destructive habits you have, and to increase the amount and frequency of your constructive habits. To aid you in your personal improvement we will frequently add articles on new habits, divided in two categories:



Constructive Habits







Destructive Habits





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