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How to get a promotion

Getting promotion

photo-1429216967620-ece20ff3a5f9The feeling of unfulfillment is one that can hurt more than physical pain. Working hard day and night and having nothing to show for it will not only make you doubt your worth, it could also lead to depression. Being human, it is obvious that you desire moving up the ladder with time, both socially and economically. There are some techniques, particularly designed for the workplace, which could help you get that much needed promotion. Continue reading and learn how to effectively use them.


1.) Do your job effectively and offer more

There is nothing bosses love more than a worker with a strong work ethic. Know what you need to do, do it effectively and always make sure it is ready in time. If your colleagues need a helping hand and you've got time on your hands, don't hesitate to help.

Expressing passion when doing your work shows that you're a dependable person, which is a very good quality for a leader. Be thorough in your reports and always strive to hand-in top-notch work. Additionally, the help you give to your co-workers not only earns you recognition and praise, it also grooms you for leadership.

Going the extra mile and occasionally working during your free days is certain to get your boss' attention. Showing that much dedication at work will greatly increase the chance of you getting a promotion.


2.) Be a problem solver

Employers don't like to be constantly nagged over this and that, hence they look for individuals who can handle the heat and still perform.

In case there is a simple office quarrel, there's no need to take it further. Learn to step up. Arbitrate and see if you can come to a logical solution that suits both parties. If you're the one on the wrong, own up to your mistake and correct it immediately.

If the problem is work related, use the skill and experience you've amassed over the years to come up with a solution. The more problems you solve, the higher your likelihood of getting promoted.


3.) Always be professional

How you carry yourself in the work setting plays a very major role when it comes to promotion. You have to both look and act the part.

When working, always ensure your verbal and written communications are all formal. That doesn't mean you can't occasionally have a laugh with your colleagues, so long as it doesn't affect your work. Learn to set yourself apart from the rest.

Your dress code should also rhyme with the position your looking to get. No manager wears casual clothing to a meeting on a Monday morning. So, being casual is not an option.


4.) Stay away from unnecessary drama

Solving a problem almost always earns you accolades. Constantly causing one, however, is not a trait boss's look for when they think of promotion. Troublemakers at the office tend to make the boss's life harder, meaning their chances of promotion are close to nil. Gossiping and engaging in petty office politics will make your employer question your integrity and have doubts on promoting you.

Learn how to watch from the sidelines. Information is power, so it's always advisable to keep your ears open. However, control your tongue. Never be the source of drama.


5.) Know your boss

Managers are also human beings, meaning they value relationships just like the next person. Cultivating the right professional relationship with your boss could prove to be very profitable. How do you do this? By talking to him/her about your career goals, expressing ideas on how to help the firm move forward or even challenging their thinking. Employers love an individual who can freely express their personality, within boundaries of course. This helps them assess the work area to see if everything is running smoothly.

When you're talking, don't forget to wear a smile. It is a sign of appreciation. Once you become the voice of the people, promotion will follow swiftly.


6.) Be a team player

Mostly nowadays, office work is delegated to teams. If that is the case for you, learn how to effectively work with your colleagues to produce the best work you possibly can. This greatly increases your value to the firm.

Furthermore, you could take a leadership role in the group to show that you don't fear responsibility. The more you're able to accomplish, the higher your chances of promotion get.


7.) Seek mentorship

In almost all things, having a mentor gets you where you need to go. In terms of getting a promotion in your field, seek the advice of a person more experienced than you on how to get one. Good mentors are always there for you in your ups and downs and they guide you on your career path. This is without mentioning that a mentor could have connections, which may steadily hasten your promotion goals. Therefore, if you don't have a mentor, start looking for one today.


In conclusion, I know how much you're craving for that promotion. To get it, all you have to do is be patient and strive to always be at the top of your game. There is no quick fix and it requires hard work, though you CAN have a slight advantage over others. Try to acquire an edge over your colleagues by implementing the tips provided above. Good luck on your journey to a more rewarding job!

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